Are you missing out on an export tax benefit enjoyed by thousands of exporters? A benefit that’s designed for smaller companies and can be set up in a matter of days? A benefit that could save you thousands of dollars annually?
As the international trade arm of the National Small Business Association, SBEA wants all of our members and supporters to be able to take advantage of this export tax benefit known to accountants and tax specialists as the Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation, or “IC-DISC” for short.
The IC-DISC, the only 100 percent safe harbor export tax benefit available, offers small exporters with annual export sales between $100,000 and $300 million a great opportunity to receive dividends taxed at 15 percent; and defer funds for pre-tax, low cost working capital, buyer financing and R&D.

The IC-DISC has been talked about for years. It’s been a part of the Internal Revenue Code since 1972 and is approved by the World Trade Organization. Now, SBEA has joined in a strategic partnership with the top provider of IC-DISC services in the U.S., Export Assist, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco.
For a low fixed fee, Export Assist will perform turnkey IC-DISC incorporation, implementation and annual management services, including helping your tax professional file IRS Form 1120 IC-DISC.

To immediately determine your IC-DISC benefits, Export Assist will prepare a confidential, free IC-DISC Tax Benefit Report for you. Just Click Here and complete the online IC-DISC Inquiry Form. You will receive your report in two to three days. Don’t waste time—should you decide to go forward with an IC-DISC, export tax benefits only begin upon incorporation. Export Assist can incorporate your IC-DISC in 24 to 48 hours.
Should you currently own and operate an IC-DISC, we also recommend that you submit the IC-DISC Inquiry Form. In its free, confidential report, Export Assist will present several ways for you to increase your IC-DISC export income.
Export Assist is one of the largest export tax benefit management companies in the U.S. and an industry leader in incorporating and managing hundreds of IC-DISC operations. Since its founding in 1992, Export Assist has provided export finance management services to more than 2,500 exporters nationwide, ranging from small- and medium-sized companies to 20 percent of the Fortune 500 and one-third of the Dow Jones Industrials.
We are pleased to have Export Assist as our new strategic partner and to make this export tax benefit program available to you. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save money on your export income – today!